‘Coke and hookers’ Lord Sewel is ex-Aberdeen Vice-Principal and honorary grad

He became a Doctor of Laws in 2008

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Disgraced Baron Sewel resigned as Deputy Speaker of the Lords today after being filmed allegedly snorting cocaine with £200-a-night prostitutes.

The married life peer, 69, was secretly taped sniffing the class A drug in his central London flat, at one point even hoovering up powder from an escort’s boobs.

Sordid Sewel was made Vice-Principal of Aberdeen University in 1999, then served as Senior Vice-Principal between 2001 and 2004. He was also awarded an honorary degree in 2008 as Doctor of Laws.

Footage obtained by The Sun on Sunday shows the Baron drinking champagne, wine and vodka and smoking cigarettes.

The peer is seen stripping naked and even wearing an bra and leather jacket. He tells the girls: “I just want to be led astray.”

He said: “Oh we could’ve done with some nice little young Asian lady tonight I would’ve thought.

“They sort of look innocent, but you know they’re whores.”

One of the women tells him: “You were really naughty the other night. You really, really were.”

Baron Sewel was in charge of ensuring standards were maintained in the Lords.

The Chairman of Committees last month wrote: “The number of members who break the House’s rules is small… But the actions of a few damage our reputation.

“Scandals make good headlines. Preventative measures seldom do.”

Although he is paid £84,525 a year in The Sun’s exclusive he repeatedly complains about affording £1,000 per month rent of his flat in Dolphin Square, which is close to parliament.

Sewel claims his main residence is in Aberdeen -where he has a £1.2m house- getting him an extra allowance of £36,000 a year for travel and expenses.

His wife, Lady Jennifer,54, is University Secretary at Durham University.

Speaker of the House, Baroness D’Souza said: “Today’s revelations about the behaviour of Lord Sewel are both shocking and unacceptable.

“Lord Sewel has this morning resigned as Chairman of Committees.

“The House of Lords will continue to uphold standards in public life and will not tolerate departure from these standards.

“These serious allegations will be referred to the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards and the Metropolitan Police for investigation as a matter of urgency.”