Killjoy Councillors order removal of deep-fried Mars Bar landmark

Apparently it’s for the ‘good of the community’

Aberdeen carron deep fried fish n chips mars bar stonehaven

Wet blanket officials have ordered a banner down advertising the ‘Birthplace of the world-famous deep fried mars bar.’

Joyless Councillors ordered The Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven remove their famous advert for the delicious treat.

The takeaway claims to be where the national delicacy was conceived in 1992 following a schoolchild requesting his lunchtime treat be deep-fried.

carron fish and chips

Lorraine Watson, owner of The Carron, was incredulous when she was told to remove the offending item, originally thinking the request was a joke.

She said: “I would never consider it. The shop’s status is iconic for the town and it’s not doing anyone any harm.

“99.9% of people buying the deep-fried Mars Bars are tourists who come from around the world.  Why wouldn’t you advertise it?”

carron fish chips 2

Exhibit A

Aberdeen History second year Graham,19, told The Tab: “The council can’t stop a shop from advertising something.

“They shouldn’t be able to dictate what people can and can’t sell.

“Frankly I believe the council should be moving in the other direction. Get in contact with UNESCO, would this qualify as a world heritage site?”

deep fried

Parental advisory: Explicit Content

Jack, 19, a History and Philosophy second year, told The Tab: “Getting rid of the sign means we’re hiding away from our heritage and denying the deep-fried Mars Bar to others.

“It’s a great invention many are proud of and see as the definition of Scottishness.”