New union and £100 million energy building on hold over cost issues

Aberdeen is out of money and we’re paying for it

Following the announcement Aberdeen is cutting 150 staff jobs, the uni has put new building projects on hold due to a lack of funds.

Last year we reported on the energy centre which was set to be erected at the cost of Meston for £100 million pounds.

Now these are under review as the uni strives to cut their costs by £10.5 million.


Come on Sir Ian, lend us some of your money for our bar

What’s worse is there will also be a hold-up in building the new student union, which we’ve have been waiting on for years.

The break is estimated to last three months and to start up again over summer to give the uni time to review their costs.

Gutted about Meston staying

Gutted about Meston staying

A uni spokesman said: “We are currently reviewing all aspects of our expenditure, including ensuring that our 10 year capital plan dovetails with the Strategic Plan we are now finalising.

“This includes a pause for three months in development of projects which are at an early design stage, including the new Student Union, Energy Building, CASS Modernisation and Teaching Facilities, and Dunbar project.

“We anticipate resuming these project in the summer. Investment in our infrastructure is a key priority in our new plan and we are committed to further enhancement of our campus.”