Aberdeen is just the 5th happiest uni in Scotland, says a grim survey

There are only 15 unis in Scotland

We’re only the 5th happiest uni in Scotland, according to a new student experience survey  — but there just are 15 unis in the country.

The annual Times Higher Education experience survey named us the 5th happiest, losing out to Dundee, St Andrews, Glasgow and Stirling.

At least we beat rivals at RGU, who came 7th after Strathclyde, followed by Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh.


Overall, this makes us a miserable 38th happiest in the UK out of 113 unis polled.

The survey asked students from each uni to score on different topics. The average score was then calculated and added up to find the total, then compared across unis.

A wide scope of categories included quality of staff, social life, library opening hours, fair workload and sports facilities.

Aberdeen maintained a comfortable, above average score in most categories and did well for quality of staff and lectures, social life, societies, industry connections and sport facilities.

But the worst score we received was under the category “good student’s union”, where we came last out of all UK unis.


We also received a low score for the accommodation category — no surprises there.

Uni halls can be as high as £142 per week for self-catered flats and £164 per week for catered accommodation.

And our score was rubbish for “cheap shop/bar/amenities”, a reflection of the rubbish prices on campus cafes as Kilau coffee shop charges around £5 for a salad.