Grad ball scaled back to one day with only 350 tickets

Uproar over ball shambles

• Only 350 tickets available for the Graduation Ball.

• Tickets announced just 24 hours before sale.

• Students feel let down by AUSA’s incompetence.

For many students the Graduation Ball is one of the biggest nights of the year, the last hurrah celebrating the past four years of university.

But this year saw the traditional two dates for the ball reduced to one. There are over 3000 students in fourth year, and with only one date this has meant that only 350 tickets have been released.

How much did they pay the graphic designer?

How much did they pay the graphic designer?

The Graduation ball has a history of being out of touch with students. It’s organised entirely without any student input, with no discussion about venue, music or food.

Students were notified via email on Thursday that tickets would go on sale the following day for the price of £55. Some students didn’t even receive the email.


Fourth year student Matthew said: ” I didn’t even receive any email about the Graduation ball, I only found out via my friends. It’s ridiculous and so unorganised, and the likelihood is that most students aren’t checking their emails everyday through the Easter holidays anyway.”

English student Emma thinks the price of the tickets is too high. She said: “It’s a joke, £55 for what? A meal and a dance? The St. Andrews ball wasn’t this high and that was privately organised, what are we paying AUSA for? ”

Other students have taken to emailing AUSA in protest for the lack of planning and organisation. Fourth year student James said: “For most of my friends we have been looking forward to this years ball from the very start of this year, and for the opportunity to go to be drastically decreased due to AUSA’s incompetence is hugely disappointing.”

£55 for a bread roll?

£55 for a bread roll?

Last year saw two balls held over the Friday and Saturday however many students refused to go because of the high price of tickets and lack of organisation.

Graduate Rachel chose not to attend last year. She said: “I had no interest in spending 50 odd quid to go to some ball where I don’t know half the people. These things are for the Facebook photos not for the memories. I heard it was a disaster anyway. My friends and I had a BBQ instead.

“Many within the AUSA body criticise the University as being a cash cow, however charging that amount of money for a crap 3 course meal that doesn’t get served on time in a dump of a hotel just shows it’s the label your paying for not the experience. It’s a money making spin for them.”

But with many students branding it a disgrace it’s still likely that all 350 tickets will be sold out by the end of the day.

For fear of missing out lets hope the Ball that has seemingly cost over £19,000 to organise is worth it.