Our Vice Chancellor will donate his expenses to fluffy animal charities

What a fuzzy old cutie

Greedy Vice Chancellor Sir Ian Diamond has had a change of heart and plans to give a huge chunk of his salary to charity next year.

Kind Sir Ian, 61, is set to repay the £59,811 he spent on first and business class flights and the £27,271 he spent on swanky hotels — and give the money to animal charities.

A new found love of kittens and puppies is said to be responsible for his astonishing decision.


Lovely Ian

Charities Pup Aid and Catchat will be the grateful recipients of thousands of pounds.

Uni source Flo Parsilo said: “It’s such a generous decision from Sir Ian.

“We’re so happy he decided to repay his hefty expenses by supporting poor, adorable animals.

“He almost looks like a German Shepherd as well, so I think the animals are really going to love him.”

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