We drank the cheapest drinks in the shop and look what happened

There was a lot of spewing

When you live at Hillhead, and have no choice but to shop at the local, don’t be surprised if your body rejects your lifestyle choices.

The Debrief

Being a student is synonymous with heavy drinking. Being a student also means a tight budget.

This is all I have left, Mr. Landlord

This is all I have left, Mr. Landlord

These two things pose a challenge, so myself and some friends resorted to drastic measures to do some research: we spent a night on the cheapest booze we could find.

Our aim: To see where your money will best spent if you’re looking to get drunk and are 50 quid into your overdraft.

The Drinks

The cheap, though not necessarily cheerful shop offers an abundance of boozing options. With our drink of choice in mind, we took a trip and purchased the following:

Drink Name Percentage (%) Price (£)
Vodka Rachmaninoff 37.5 10.99
Red Wine Baywood 8 2.49
Prosecco Vino Spumante 13 5.99
Gin Castelgy 37.5 9.99

(The table makes it look like an actual experiment.)

The Pres

Taking notes on my iPhone, which became increasingly harder to type as the night went on, we discovered the effect the booze had on us.


Paper towels and actual towel were a preemptive measure as it was gonna get messy

Red wine had a disappointing start, with my friend complaining: “I started drinking at nine and I don’t feel anything… apart from my oesophagus, which is burning. Okay I’m tipsy.”

The lucky soul drinking gin had an uneasy start, claiming: “I’m not looking forward to this.”


The labels make them look classy, do not be fooled

My prosecco loving friend was not loving the quality: “I’m gonna be sick, this is disgusting.”

As was expected, vodka was winner in terms of getting me pretty damn drunk.


Rachmaninoff doesn’t go down quite as easy as Belvedere

The result of this meant that by 10.14pm everyone had begun to dip into my vodka, doing a shot of Rachmaninoff every 15 mins until we left at 11.30pm.


It was too much for one soldier

At which point, we all made it out the flat, (almost minus the one who nearly spewed).

The information learned at this point: always have vodka on hand.

The bus ride became another obstacle in the night, when the only seats available were the ones facing sideways. The rocking back and forth didn’t do much to sober up our already spinning heads. But we championed on and no one spewed on the bus.

The Night

Somehow, we all made it into the club.

We don’t know how we did it either.

Especially after being confused by the ATM across the street for a good 15 mins and the bouncers watching our severely drunken stumble across the road.

The night became a blur of dancing and jäger bombs, not that we needed more alcohol.


“He looks cool in his onesie, we should defs talk to him”

The red wine drinker ended up befriending and dancing with someone in an animal onesie.


‘I just spewed outside Underground- classy’

The gin drinker ended up throwing up in the smoking area.

The prosecco drinker disappeared with a guy shortly after we got to the club (drinking prosecco prevails).

And the vodka left me in a state where a large amount of people thought I was on pills.

Depending on what you want from your night, cheap vodka can create a lot of different drunks.


But none of us avoided the hangover and subsequent day of not moving from bed, so as interesting an experience the Lidl booze provided us, we won’t be rushing back to it in a hurry.