Delivery guy makes third years’ night by responding to plea for energy drinks

‘He’s restored my faith in humanity’

One legendary delivery driver in our mighty city has done what we only thought was possible in our dreams and in cheesy American movies.

Essay-writing third years Kate Archibald and Ellie Harding were tired and desperate for some caffeine when ordering their dinner.

After ordering their takeaway meal they decided to chance their arm at getting something extra from Mr Delivery Guy.

In the section of the order form “leave a note for the restaurant” instead of writing the usual girly things such as “send your cutest delivery boy xoxo” they asked for “2 energy drinks and we’d pay for them and tip”.


who’d of thought

The heroic man came through and pitched up with their order – energy drinks included. Kate said: “He’s restored my faith in humanity.”

With essays due and dissertation deadlines looming, students are basically slowly becoming studying zombies trekking to the library – if one can brave the winds and the election campaigners (they’re nearly as bad as the seagulls).


We’re all zombies now

And the fact that we have all of this work to do means that who really has any time for cooking proper nutritious meals.

Sadly the delivery guy (or reincarnation of Jesus) was unavailable for comment – who are you, you masked hero, you guardian of tired students.


What a babe

Who needs Batman when Aberdeen has this guy.