Restaurant job application forms: Are you fat and single?

Cosmo being accused of ‘discriminatory’ applications

‘Discriminatory’ restaurant chain Cosmo is feeling the heat after asking job applicants their weight and marital status.

Graduate Hannah Wright tweeted a photo of the application form after a friend was considering applying. But the form included intrusive questions about how much she weighed and whether or not she was single.

And when we called and asked what traits an ideal member of staff should possess, managers replied with general to vague answers such as “experienced and dedicated”.

When questioned about appearance and personality the response was  “happy and polite”.

Under discrimination laws, employers should not ask candidates about protected characteristics such as age as well as marital status.

Employers should not ask candidates about their health, including their weight, unless there are necessary requirements of a role which cannot be met with reasonable adjustments.

Our uni’s feminist society rightly ripped Cosmo to shreds after finding evidence that they were hiring women based on their weight and if they were married or not.

Cosmo were unavailable for comment.