Easiest Aberdeen courses to pass in first year

And you can still expect a decent grad salary

With 85 undergraduate degrees, Aberdeen uni offers an abundance of options.

You can be frustrated at how easy your subject is in first year, or you can sit comfortably in the knowledge that you can go out every night and still pass your course.


lecture sleepy

With the course being the home of more privately schooled kids than any other course, anthropology is undoubtedly posh. But with only one in-course assessment, it will be a pretty chilled out semester. Until the cramming for the exam.

Your tutorials won’t even count towards your grade, meaning you can crawl about of bed, sleep through the tutorial, then crawl back to bed without it affecting your grade. But really, what are you going to do with a degree in anthropology?

Business Management

With first year lectures at 10am and Tuesday, and 9am on Thursday, chances are you have attended about three of the lectures this semester, despite the fact you know the lectures aren’t posted online. But with only one tutorial every two weeks, first year management is a top contender for the most piss-take subject.

To get through tutorials waffle on about efficiency, strategy and globalisation, and you’re good. And in the long run, your expected graduate salary is £22,144- not bad for minimal amounts of work.


lecture cat

We picture economics as being a lot of supply-demand graphs and very little fun. Economics is a more demanding subject with three lectures a week, but makes up for this by only having a tutorial once every two weeks. But you will have to an online test every three weeks, which means you kind of need to be consistent to get a decent grade AND lectures aren’t put on MyAberdeen, meaning the last minute cramming of lecture slides ain’t an option.

But with an average starting salary of £26,283, economics students will be the ones laughing in the end.

Politics and IR


Seemingly every person in first year does the subject, but in defence of the subject, the outcome is apparently successful, with an average starting salary of £21,628. However, it is guaranteed you will need to spend too much of your time in the library looking for essay sources to counter your counter argument on Marxism.

But Politics and IR is definitely a subject you can bullshit your way through, with tutorials having a vast range of students, from the ones who are correcting tutors, to the ones who never speak. As a subject heavily based in opinion, it’s easy to do well if you just memorise a theory and run with it.

Sixth Century Courses

The Aberdeen Uni website describes Sixth Century Courses as a way to “consider different approaches to knowledge and enquiry as you look at issues affecting the world in which we live today.” Aberdeen uni students describe Sixth Century Courses as “no exam”.