Follow-up: Electric violinist a star in home country

Your fav violinist reaching for the stars

Remember this guy? Of course you do. 

Remus Stana hasn’t just made the news here in the Deen, he’s also made the national news in his home country, Romania.

Romanian TV picked up his videos and his story, which had been shared by fans.

Because of course he’s got lots of fans, some of his youtube videos have nearly 100000 views, not bad, not bad at all.

The stardom has not gone to his head, he's still there

The stardom has not gone to his head, he’s still there

The humble violinst himself did not intend to become a youtube star, however.

He was actually convinced by his Aberdonian friend to upload his catchy tunes on that great vast thing known as the internet.

Thanks Aberdonian person.

Who knows what’s next for Aberdeen’s fav violinist, no dream can be too big.

You go lil violinst, you go.