Clubbers of the week

It’s that dreaded time of the week again

You partied. We watched. And gave out some non-refundable witty awards.

Best dressed in a club

IMG_0088 (800x600)

Did they stand like that purposefully?

Most likely hiding from the paparazzi

11001675_648802725226442_171111134236928254_o (800x533)

‘Please no picture’

Shitest shirts of the week

11025811_941159895895280_4747031815830214483_n (800x533)

All the 60-year-old white men on holiday called, they want their shirts back

Hottest ginger

10845589_650449885061726_6248448851599207951_o (800x533)

You can suck my sole any time

Most KO’d dancer

IMG_0086 (800x600)

shawty got low

Longest girl chain

IMG_0094 (800x600)


Most likely to be in a heavy metal band

IMG_0093 (800x600)


Best John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson at the Oscars impression

IMG_0089 (522x800)


Best third wheel brave face effort

IMG_0092 (800x600)

Passionate kiss though

Most likely wanting to be somewhere else right now

IMG_0095 (531x800)

yeah we would want to be somewhere else too

Best dance off

IMG_0090 (800x600)

‘And we start with the silverback gorilla stance’

Best eyeball lick

IMG_0097 (800x531)


Most wind swept clubber

IMG_0099 (800x527)

True Aberdeen life

Wildest pub crawl

IMG_0100 (800x600)

Those arms though

Most likeliest to have been dragged out by her flatmates

IMG_0096 (800x600)