Despite it’s flaws, we still love Johnson halls

Those who get fed, win

Ah, Johnson halls.

Once you get past the prison-like atmosphere, the flooding showers, the constantly malfunctioning living appliances and the two hour scream sessions people have at three o’clock in the morning, its really not that bad.

Plus, we get fed by the uni – so there’s that.

For those of you who don’t know, Johnson halls is one of the on-campus choices of accommodation for students at Aberdeen, along with halls such as Crombie, the (uglier) sister to Johnson.

Johnson in all it's glory

Johnson in all it’s glory

It’s often given stick for a variety of fairly valid reasons, but most of those go towards it’s charm.

The area outside the doors of Johnson are littered with fag butts which is a good indication about what you are about to get into when entering the building.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

One of the main perks of Johnson is that it is in the middle of campus, meaning you can roll out of bed at 8:45 for a nine o’clock tutorial.

A benefit of staying in Johnson, as said before, is the fact that we get catered for by the uni every day of the week.

Monday to Saturday breakfast and dinner are served and on Sunday brunch is available from 11:30 til 1:30, removing the need to cook (or microwave) anything. Which is a godsend when you’re hanging from a heavy night out.


Although, to be honest, very rarely do many people make it to breakfast.

The window of  7 to 9 AM is just not a realistic target for someone who has only just gotten back 45 minutes prior, and in the end walking to the info hub at that time is no easy task when you’re half asleep and still relatively drunk.

The food that is served is usually tasty enough especially when burger and chips are on the menu as you know you’re in for a treat.

But that’s enough about the food.


What you get in terms of everyday living is a kitchen (shared between 12 people, and usually at least one of those people steals everyone else’s food without getting caught), a toilet and shower (between six people) and a decent sized room with a sink and a desk.

The cleaners around Johnson have it pretty rough when it comes to picking up after us residents.

Pretty average sight around Johnson

Pretty average sight around Johnson

From sticky floors caused by a large amount of spilled bev to overflowing bins which always seem to be filled with pizza boxes, empty beer cans and just about anything else you can think up.

The fridge in the kitchen is a bit useless and you usually put things on your windowsill since that ends up being a better way to “keep your cool”.

Sorry. Johnson halls has it’s pros and cons but, in the end, the pros outweigh the cons.

Not by a lot, but they definitely outweigh them.