‘Creepy’ room advert appears on campus

Shear-ious enquiries only

A bizarre sign appeared on Aberdeen campus advertising yesterday a “room to shear for female” near the city centre.

The unfussy proprietor also tacked on an “or male” addition to the basic ad.

With the average price of renting a flat coming in at £1033 per month, students studying in Aberdeen have been finding it increasingly difficult to secure accommodation for themselves in recent years.

But this person’s desperate attitude isn’t showing promise with the women of Aberdeen.

Form an orderly queue please, not all at once


Fresher Lisa said: “I don’t think I could live with someone who doesn’t have basic grammar skills.

“The fact that it was just for girls makes it borderline creepy, too.”

As universities across the country are now accepting more applicants than ever before, the dwindling supply of properties available to rent for students is now being saturated with a huge demand for affordable housing.

And because of this, judging by the missing tear-off info slips at the bottom, the keyboard maverick behind this ad is enjoying a bit of success.

If you’re struggling to find a place to call your own next year, you know where to start.

I’m sure he/she is a great person, albeit a bit behind on the inner workings of Microsoft Word’s spellcheck.