Best toke spots in Hillhead

For when times get tough

Even with weed becoming more socially acceptable as an alternative (addition) to alcohol, there are still risks involved with smoking up in public.

The threat of getting busted constantly hangs over you like untapped ash as you stand out in the open, nervously puffing on something that clearly isn’t a cigarette.

Even if you don’t turn around to find the stern hand of a porter on your shoulder, it may just as easily be the eager hand of a fellow student looking to get in on something they didn’t shell out for.

Toke in fear no longer.

After a short, bleary-eyed saunter from your front door to one of these nearby sneaky smoke spots you can enjoy a J in peace.

Seaton Gardens

After passing the “inadvisable to walk after dark” sign on the path to Seaton (a warning that should be especially applicable to you and your droopy-eyed mate), then descending the stairs immediately after it, you will see a set of stairs running up the opposite bank.

Climb those, go through the opening in the wall immediately on your left and you’re there.


It was at this point Zorro realized he fucked up

The secluded garden you will find yourself in boasts 360 degree wall coverage to keep the worst of the wind from stealing the best of your smoke, benches to kick back on, and enough chill vibes to inspire several reggae albums.

It’s proximity to the well trodden Seaton Park to Uni route also makes it a handy stop off for those bent on lowering the amount of information they retain in lectures that day.

Hector Boece Electricity Substation

Tucked away behind Hector Boece is the ultimate in stealth spots for those concerned about bumping into any potential leechers/porters/leeching porters.

If you can manage to find your hazy way through the stoner’s navigational nightmare that is Hector Boece you’ll see a small detached building by the side of the road.

Go around to the road side and you can nestle behind high walls that completely shelter you from wind and sight, allowing you to safely get as buzzed as the adjacent power transformer with no fear of discovery.


Try to ignore the alarming electric buzz

Spot # 3 : Balgownie Bridge

For those of you who like a little jaunt with their joint we have the beautiful Balgownie Bridge.

Though slightly further out than its counterparts, this spot is undoubtedly worth the downhill five minute shamble from Hillhead (and may even be closer than the other spots for those living in and around North court).

Once there, you will be treated to a spectacular view across the Don where you can ponder the mysteries of the universe and inter-connectivity of nature in peace.


Wooah… It’s like.. Nature man

Due to the lack of shelter here, you should avoid this spot unless it’s relatively clear.

Hill Head toke spots

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