Aberdeen is the best night out in the country

From grunge to class, we’ve got it all

University is just a cumulation of nights out, with a few interruptions of lectures, and Aberdeen offers the best of it.

The Pres


The array of options available for pres means that you can get throughly smashed before heading out.

Jam Jar, Paramount, Revolution and Siberia Vodka Bar offer different scenes depending on how civilised you want your pres to be.

From Siberia’s shot roulette to the more expensive Revolution cocktails, you can be guaranteed a drunken start to the night.

Or there’s the alternative of buying Lidl’s vodka or wine and downing it on the bus.

The Transport


We may not have the mighty trams of Edinburgh, but our extortionate £3 night bus to Union Street means that you can’t afford that one too many drinks, decreasing your risk of hangover the next day.

And our immensely long taxi queues mean that you can walk off much of your drunken state trying to get home, and simultaneously make new friends who are in the same predicament.

That is, if you actually make it home and don’t break your ankle falling over the cobbles that cover Aberdeen.

The Options

Whether you want a classy night of splurging, or are too broke to live, Aberdeen has options for you.

The levels of class between Garage, The Institute, Underground and Nox means that no matter how financially crippled or plentiful you are, a good night out is within your reach.


She’s so happy at the amount of booze she can buy with her cash

Going to Garage usually means that you spend more on transport than you would on booze, but it also increases the chance of being groped by a creep.

Underground is a happy medium of not too expensive booze, where good music is actually played.

Going to Nox will usually mean a more expensive night, but it will also increase your chance of pulling someone exceptionally more attractive than the clientèle of Garage.

The choice is yours.

The Food


From the mainstream McDonalds to the alternative 24 hour store, you are never short of munch options in Aberdeen.

A big mac, a carry out, baked goods, a can of beans- it’s all with in your reach on a night out in Aberdeen.

In the freezing temperatures of Aberdeen, the detour to get food means that your chances of freezing on the journey home multiply, but so do the chances of bumping into someone to take home with you.