South House: Where the magic happens

You can keep your private-schoolboy hotel digs

Depending on what you’ve heard from others or read online, you may be inclined to commit to different student accommodation, or even go straight into a private flat.

Let me now tell you why you’d be crazy to do any of that nonsense.

Nestled up against the edge of Seaton Park, South House is one of many options a first year will come across when it comes time to choose where to stay.

It not just any shithole, it's our shithole

It not just any shithole, it’s our shithole

The prime location means the long walk to uni is not actually as tiresome as it seems, granting you the heaven of an extra few minutes in bed before the dash to another dreaded 9am Celtic tutorial.

With four main blocks each containing nine flats, it’s easy to put a name to a face when the renowned party hall gets into full swing.

SoHo (as all the cool kids call it) is well embedded in the flat party scene which springs up during freshers.

A sea of new potential friends will arrive at your door in the opening weeks of term time, claiming that a Facebook post promising skite and girls had your door number plastered all over it.


As unlikely as it seems, you can’t knock them for trying – local legend labels South House as the Mecca of good times.

Dan, a resident studying marine biology, argues that for the student on a cost-effective budget South House is the place to stay.

Priced around £100 – 135/week, South House is a tad dearer than the likes of detention facilities Wavell House and Adam Smith, but still leaves enough of your SAAS over to raid the Lidl drink’s section for some bargain Rachmaninoff.

Large individual rooms with a sink mean that you have a private, spacious sanctuary in which to frantically get ready in the morning after sleeping late yet again.

On the topic of a good night’s kip, look no further than the zen-like tranquillity of South House.

You can pee in these sinks if you want, without being judged

You can pee in these sinks if you want, without being judged

The ever-so-slightly-thicker-than-paper walls insulate ambient noise, meaning you definitely can’t hear the same shite beats or ferocious rhythms from across the hall each night.

One might ask themselves: “Why didn’t South House get a refurbishment, like many of the other halls on Hillhead?”

You say kitchen we say party potential and lounging luxury

You say kitchen we say party potential and lounging luxury

The oven looks like it pre-dated the birth of Christ and has been ingrained with an attempt to make pot brownies since the mid-nineties, but it gets the job done.

South House works, plain and simple.

You just need to make it past the first few months and by then the weird smell that lingers in the stairwell wont even bother you that much.