Grant Court is the only halls anyone would ever want to live in

We see your Carnegie en-suite and raise you excellent banter

Where you live has a big impact on your quality of life.

So it should be clear that a dirty, beaten up living space (south house) is going to put a damper your day, as well as your drywall.

We can’t all afford a premium pad though.

Luckily a happy medium is out there.

Grant Court.


It may not have the en suite bathrooms of it’s posh cousin Carnegie or the short walk/head pounding stumble to lectures  boasted by somewhere like Johnston but it does have a whole load of other awesome shit going for it.

Grant Courts newly furbished interior puts other halls to shame with (initially) gleaming counter tops, comfy furniture and hi-tech cooking appliances for all your gourmet aspirations.


Grant Court’s central location in Hill Head makes it the perfect place of residence for anyone used to running out of alcohol at 9:55 at night – the reduced distance to the Keystore making it that little bit more likely you won’t have to spend the week’s food budget on drinks at a bar later.

This has had the double advantage of helping to fuel many a pre-drinks party as well as making sure people get to sleep in time for lectures when they return.


The handy student ID swipe lock on Grant Court helps cut down on the number of things you must not drop, trample and then lose in the mud while staggering home through Seaton Park after dark, allowing for greater attention to be paid to the business of not getting mugged of said possessions.

Grant Court also manages to compete with other, larger halls for mentions on the Spotted In Aberdeen page, finding inventive ways to match the partying of it’s rowdier neighbors.

I'm famous!

In short, Grant Court sits comfortably in Goldilocks zone of student halls.

Not too crazy, not too quiet.

Not too fancy, not too basic.

Grant court feels just right.