Bon Accord’s electric violinist goes viral

He made Pink sound decent

He made it to your snapchat story, now he’s on your Facebook too.

You’ve all heard him on nights out and drunkenly danced along.

The video of Aberdeen’s electric violinist has now been played over 60,000 times.

He’s the young guy standing outside Bon Accord when Guitar Wifey is nowhere to be seen, with his magical instrument in hand.

If this local legend ain't about, the violinist steps in

If this local legend ain’t about, the violinist steps in

Move over Andrew, your 15 minutes are over.

This guy even makes a Pink song sound decent, a feat that surely deserves a Grammy – well done you.

In the comment section under the viral video people praise the dear boy, at the same time as they tarnish the (in)famous Gituar Wifey: “At last getting some talent on the streets of Aberdeen. Better than that old eastern block woman that can’t play a tune !!!!!”

Another reveller in this man’s talent said: “Thats brilliant – guitar wifey will no be happy hahahahha”


They might have different strengths and talents, but you know you love them both.