I’d rather eat last night’s takeaway than make breakfast

Mmmmm microwaved Domino’s

For those of us used to substantial and nutritious meals in the morning, we faced a big change when coming to uni.

We quickly realised eating leftovers will always triumph over the option of eating breakfast food.

Instead, the cereal is reserved for dinner or midnight snacking.

The Unhealthy

Groggily waking up after too little sleep, either due to your extreme party hard lifestyle, or just because you were watching back to back episodes on Netflix the night before, your brain just won’t value a sensible breakfasts.

Instead, Red Bull seems like the best option when facing early morning tutorials.


Or Irn Bru – we are in Scotland.

The Out of Date

The food standards you held before you came to uni have quickly evaporated as quickly as your motivation this semester.

You are now happy to give your milk a little leeway, and ignore the use by date, and mentally change it to best before.

When you desperately need a bowl of coco pops, you desperately need a bowl of coco pops.

The Attempt at Poshness


New Carnegie Weekend Brunch

Whether it’s a weekday avoiding work, a lazy weekend morning, or a birthday, a fancy breakfast will be attempt at some point at uni.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a fry up, pancakes or mimosa’s, it’s a good way to start the day.

The Leftovers

Economically, it’s better to eat last nights pizza for breakfast than waste other food.

More importantly, it’s tasty shit, and for some reason we’re convinced it’s going to taste just as good the next morning after it’s been microwaved.

But with Aberdeen’s options of McDonald’s, Thains 24 hour Bakery and the endless supply of takeaways (with questionable hygiene standards), you are never at a loss for food at 3am.


But having woken up with a bowl of uneaten McDonalds on a number of occasions, trying to eat last nights leftovers for breakfast doesn’t always work.

Even when your brain is smooshed into a state of hungoverness, you’re still thinking of that £4.49 you spent on a Chicken Selects meal.

Picking up a soggy chip and ruling that out, turning to the chicken which your teeth can’t even bite through, you promise yourself that you will never buy food at the end of the night again.

Some, like my friends, adopt the more drastic measure of writing “Do NOT let me eat” on their hands at the start of a night.

The Drunkenly Cooked


And of course, when you attempt to cook at home- still drunk cause “you weren’t hungry when you were out”, you always end up with way too much pasta.

This automatically becomes breakfast food.

Even if it’s not eaten until 3pm the following day.