This bromance brawl on Union Street will get you in the mood for Valentine’s

‘He’s my best friend’

Have you seen the video of three wasted pals involved in a pathetic scuffle on Union Street?

In what looks to be more of a sexual interaction at first, the bloke flat on his back yells: “If you hit me in the face again I will fuck you up.”

This is followed by one of the others telling him: “You’ve let yourself go, mate.”

You’ve probably seen them before, but they’re still hilarious to watch – drunken fights between guys who are too drunk to stand, let alone actually throw a punch.

Andrew Anderson posted the video on his facebook, and it has now been seen nearly 25000 times. Enjoy your internet fame, Andrew.

This incident took place on Friday night, on Union Street (of course) and was only broken up when a quite annoyed member of the police told one of the aggressors to “calm himself down”, complete with a raised finger for extra lecturing effect.

The lads bounced between flailing fists and and sputtering statements of bromance.

The pair look as harmless as two ducklings bickering over crumbs.

Then we also have the heroic best friend, the now ledgendary Dave, who is just as drunk as the other two but still desperately wishes to end the quarrel. Well, he tries, the darling.