Clubbers of the Week

It’s back

Seven days have gone by again you’ve not enough work and too much alcohol.

But that means it’s time for clubbers of the week!

Massive Muscles



Biggest Beer Collection

Red Stripe's biggest exporters

Red Stripe’s biggest exporters


Best Hair

best hair

 Best Boobs

If you've got it ,flaunt it

If you’ve got it ,flaunt it

Most Confused Clubber


Doesn’t know how he ended up in Garage

Most Coordinated


It’s awkward when you turn up wearing the same outfit


Best Boyband

boybad coordinated

Stools, air grab, mic at the ready

Oldest Clubbers

oldest clubbers

Goals: to still look cool at this age

Drunkest clubber


Also winner of best pose

Best Photobomb

photobomb 2

The 60s didn’t have this. Shame

Finest Eyes

artsy most confused clubber

They follow you around the room


 Couple of the Week

bae goals and eyebrow goals

Her hair smells really nice 

Best Group Shot   

best outfits

Oh to be organised enough to coordinate this


Most likely to chunder

bout to barf clubber

Water for the next round?


Stunners of the Week

crew goals

Outfits on point ladies

Happiest Clubbers

happiest and photobomb

Would probs make a good couple but are being cockblocked by their mates


Harry Potter Lookalike

hp look alike

Do you mind if I Slytherin?


 Saddest Clubber

saddest clubber

Cheer up love!


Double Daters of the Week

siblings or couples?

Couples or siblings?