Hector Boece is the best place for parties in Hillhead

We don’t need ensuites

After just getting refurbished Hector Boece buildings are all spick and span and look well nice.

At least, when the freshers arrived they looked nice, now there are vodka bottles on the kitchen counters and that corridor outside your flat has a weird smell sometimes.


It smells a bit funny sometimes

With South House going to shit, and nobody really liking anyone in New Carnegie, there needed to be a new party place. And the party Gods decided that Hector Boece would be the place.

Being one of the biggest and most spread out block in Hillhead, it’s incredibly easy to find a party. And they’ll probably let you in – they’re a nice bunch.

And we can actually have “block parties”. That is, if you actually talk to the rest of the people in your building. Basically, if everyone wedges their doors open with ye olde spoon trick it’s like one giant party – you just walk between flats.


Home sweet home

Another benefit of HB is the fact that you don’t need another key to carry around. Yeah that’s right, to get into the flats you just need your student ID. No need for those hotel room keys here.

And our kitchen window looks out onto the back of Grant Court – yes we can see you all getting action. Close your goddamn curtains, they’re there for a reason – unless odd hot boy walking about in a towel.

Even though most of the blocks are full of postgrads, the blocks full of freshers know how to party. Our walls are made of paper and being able to hear everything everyone does means if you can’t beat them, just join their party.


Selfie stick yolo xoxo

And finally, the buzzers got fixed. Yes, that means that we can let you into our flat without actually having to come get you unlike those New Carnegie fools who have to walk down stairs.

Is there any even point comparing Hector Boece to Adam Smith and the others? They look like prisons.

One of the main benefits like a flat in Hector Boece is there’s not many of us in a block – thirty maximum. And with five people in each flat, you start to become like a little dysfunctional family.

It’s also one of the cheapest places to live in Hillhead – averaging out at £108 a week. Compared to New Carnegie at £142 a week, then South House being £100-£135 and North Court, Adam Smith, Wavell and Fyfe all being around £90 a week, you can’t complain. Let’s face it – you’d rather spend a little more money to not live in a prison.


Seaton park is their backyard – close your windows at night kids

So yes, even though every other block in Hillhead is in New Carnegie Court’s shadow, Hector Boece is starting to shine through.

The party dynamics are changing – it may soon be time for New Carnegie to step down off their double bed and en-suite throne.