Guess what? It snowed

Nothing to see here

Another day in the deen, the only city that is capable of fitting all seasons into one day.

Not counting summer of course, which comes around approximately never.

But yes. It snowed. Again.


February 3rd never forget

Despite the vicious sleet, brave students slid down Spital for their morning classes, bumping into each other, blinded from the white stuff that seemed to be actively be going for their eyes.

A dramatic scene.

Then it stopped snowing.

Then at 10AM it started again, more aggressively than ever.

Fascinating stuff, nature.

Want some perspective? This was Japan earlier today:


Yup. That is a wall of snow

But of course, the white fluff did not hang around for long.

Which is a shame, seeing how a bit of white would probably spruce up the place a bit.


It almost looks warm

Stay tuned, as the Tab reports on Stuff You Can See If You Look Out The Window.