Underground sends hilarious fake STI results text to promote club night

‘Someone you have had sex with has been diagnosed with an STI’


Quirky Underground gave their club-goers a fright by sending out a joke STI results text in a brilliant bid to get people through the door.

The text read: “Someone you have had sex with has been diagnosed with an STI.

“JOKES! I <3 Jager Rocks / House of Hip Hop this Sunday @ Underground, show text for Free Entry!”

Last year, the well-known festival Parklife got a hefty fine for sending out texts to festival goers in Manchester, supposedly from their “mum”.

But Aberdeen’s alternative club pulled the same trick in much better taste – although giving some gullible students an initial heart attack.

Texts have been sent out saying that the receiver might have gotten an STD.


The text is to promote Underground’s event Jager Rocks, giving free entry to those who receive the text.

One third year who recieved the text said: “I actually nearly shat myself for a moment then, til I realised it was just a PR stunt.”

The relief of finding out you don’t have a STI may encourage many to attend this Sunday’s night in celebration.