While you’re struggling with uni, this guy’s running a music channel

And his best mate’s a rapper

Meet Conor Strachan, the 21-year-old brains behind Aberdeen’s most influential YouTube channel. 

Places like London or Bristol have hundreds of kids running YouTube music channels promoting the latest up-and-coming grime artists/ DJ’s/ singer-songwriters/ their mates.

But Ransom Fee Media is making the most of the talent North of the wall has to offer.

Just starting my career, wbu?

Just starting my career, wbu?

Connor said: “RFM is my brainchild, I set up the media channel up after seeing SBTV were doing in London.

“But I saw that there was nothing like it in Scotland.

“After setting up the channel I began interviewing local artists from all genres, it’s never been done before.”

Already part of rap group, Ransom Fee, Connor Strachan and his pal Nathan (the other half of RFM) and rapper FA aimed to help the rap scene in Scotland.

Grime time

Grime time

The rap scene is often overlooked for more popular house and techno scenes you see at Tunnels.

“And I soon realised the potential to branch out and cover other genres and set about shooting interviews, live sessions, and music videos for many local artists.”

Connor and promising rapper FA became pals when a mutual friend introduced them due to their shared passion for rapping: “After sending freestyles to each other over MSN (things were tough in the dial-up days) we soon ended up recording together in the studio.

“From that grew Ransom Fee and eventually Ransom Fee Media.”

FA and Konz

FA and Konz best buds since MSN

Now, FA’s career is on the rise: “I’m playing gigs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and even the O2 in Glasgow along with collaborating with a vast array of artists, and RFM has played a huge part in helping him get my name out.”

The Tab was invited on the set of FA’s new video “Cope”.

FA’s talent and well-produced tracks mixed with Connor and Nathan’s clear direction are certainly a winning combination and will continue to do so as both careers grow.

On set with FA and RFM

On set with Aberdeen’s big names

And now everything’s on the rise.

“We’re going to build on the past year, get our name out further and expand even into a wider variety of genres.

Connor said: “The whole venture is currently funded by me and Nathan themselves, but we hope it will soon grow to the stage.

“And then we can employ more people to work on shoots and interviews.”

If the channel was to blow up and they get the right artists on board, Connor said: “I’d be able to market it quicker and soon start funding it by other means.”

Check out Ransom Fee Media on Facebook and Youtube.