Best places to cry on campus

Just got your results and need a place to fall apart?

Uni can be tough.

You’ve got those six contact hours per week and a never-ending cycle of assignments that always seem to be left until the day before when you’re already battling a hangover after a rash night in Institute.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back for when it all gets too much.

The botanical gardens

It’s a GREAT place to cry about your exam results. Extra bonus January-oh-god-why-is-it-so-cold-perk: it’s super duper empty

Sitting on a bench under a tree definitely adds some dramatic flair to your sorrows

Really though, the park is great for writing your memoirs.


Really, wear green and no one will even see you, you little ball of despair

Macrobert gardens

Let’s not forget about that sneaky little corner in the walkway between High Street and Edward Wright.


And when you’re done crying about your own problems, you could do some extra crying for the Lady MacRobert and her two poor dead sons.

Your own little pity party


Lecturers’ offices

Outside the offices of lecturers who are never there.

They won’t see you, the odd School Secertary may give you a biscuit, but this is subject to availabilty and up to the each department’s spending budgets.

Be prepared for nothing.


Setting up crying camp

Edward Wright computers

It’s still early days for this term, which means no assignment deadlines for most students, so feel free to cry by the desolate printers in Edward Wright.

Top tip: if you run out of tissue paper, there’s lots of paper to soak up your river.


For extra sadness effect, try squeezing in between the table and printer to look extra pathetic

Elphinstone Hall

If it gets too stuffy in Edward Wright (and it always does) just go outside again and sit under the ancient pillars of Elphinstone Hall.

Here you can cry about what you’re going to do about your expensive reading list, and limited SAAS.


You will look so lonely and desolate you might get company from a fellow cryer.

Meston maze

A foolproof place to cry is down in the Meston basement. Bonus point: there’s no signal, so you won’t be disturbed in your lonely hour.


You can even find a nice wee handkerchief.

The library

And if all else fails, the special collection in the library is the place to go. Sit under the stairs and hide from the world for a little bit. It will all get better soon. Hopefully.


Just remember to stay quiet, or the actual adults will see you

If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

Stay strong, friends.