Pricey club forced to close after just two months

It didn’t appeal to students

The newest club in the deen has closed its doors after a measly two months.

One Diamond Street was meant to attract wealthy oil workers away from Espionage and all that krunk to a “classier” club.

But oil workers are only onshore every few weeks and it didn’t appeal to locals and students.

This would never happen at Woo's House

This would never happen at Woo’s House

Not surprising considering the £1200 minimum spend tables – the club fell harder than a girl in heels on ice.

Persistent entrepreneur, Russel Davidson, isn’t giving up though.

He has now promised to open a restaurant with a capacity of 180.

That upholstery must have set them back a bit

That upholstery must have set them back a bit.

But his big dreams don’t stop there. According to him his plush new restaurant set to open in April will rival Quilango’s in Mayfair, London – that’s really posh.

Clearly he hasn’t learnt his lesson.