Best places to cry on RGU campus

In case you ever find yourself in enemy territory

If you’re at RGU you probably have a lot to be crying about anyway.

But if the exams are really getting to you, here are some of the best places to cry when shit hits the fan.

Sitting at the dock of the bay

More of a country orientated person?

Sitting by the embankment is not only calming but conveniently absorbs the sounds of sobs and loud wailing without anyone spotting you.

Down by the River Dee

Down by the River Dee

 In the trees

Upset that you can’t  understand why Aberdeen students hate you so much?

Granted your campus looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland 2.0.

But it also has trees big enough to cry behind but small enough to be found again back round next the Riverside East building.

Suck it Aberdeen, where are your trees?

Suck it Aberdeen, where are your trees?

The RGU electrical supply

RGU students are constantly telling us how many placements they have this term.

If you felt like you had to sugar coat the truth and don’t know where to go without your flatmates getting suspicious, crying here in a crouched position rocking is doable.

conveniently blending into the naturistic background, our leccy is always on

conveniently blending into the naturalistic background, our leccy is always on

The second floor lift (Riverside East)

Because most people at RGU are about their fitness and triangle shaped bodies, we bet no one ever takes a lift to the second floor, unless they physically have to.

Sitting in this lift and mourning the loss of essay marks is okay.

rgu 4

It’s big enough for you and your box of tissues, promise.

Pharmacy student lockers

After fears of students stealing lab coats, they got put under lock and key.

So unless it’s Halloween, no one is actually ever in here and won’t hear you howling in a corner.

rgu 5

Also known as cryers’ corner

rgu 6

It’s cleaned regularly for you sobbing pleasure

The Health building stairs

Occupied only during a fire drill, the fifth floor is perfect to rehash what happened the night before if things are a bit tense at Woolmanhill.

Your blubbering may echo down but if there’s no one there to hear it, did you actually cry? (Would they even care?)

rgu 7

The Canteen toilets

A stone’s throw away from classes, these spacious cubicles are perfect when you realise that RGU will never be as mighty as Aberdeen.

It’s okay though, the cubicles are big enough so that your friend can come and console you when the penny drops.

rgu 8


A second year RGU student said: “I’ve never even had to go to the library, I just use my Modern Studies, Higher textbook and the lecture notes.”

The library is a safe bet for all your emotional needs.

rgu 11

It’s quiet because everyone uses it as a convenient nap cafe