Aberdeen prof proves you can die of a broken heart

Or get an essay extension

Have you had your heart broken recently?

Well you might actually be able to get an extension on deadlines thanks to one of our profs.

The University of Aberdeen’s very own Dr Dana Dawson found that the stress of being upset actually causes a condition called cardiomyopathy (or broken heart syndrome).


It has symptoms similar to having an actual heart attack like chest pains and breathlessnesss.

And the good news is it’s only temporary, and there’s no real damage to your arteries.

But the bad news is that your broken heart will quite literally break as the condition causes the muscles in your heart to change into an abnormal shape.

Scientists call it the name ‘takotsubo’ (which means octopus in Japanese, obviously).

Think about the consequences

Think about the consequences

Get your shit together Carole, you could kill him

Dr Dawson stated that sufferers of cardiomyopathy can’t take part in strenuous activities because the change makes it hard to breathe.

Emphasising other research which suggests it is actually possible to die of a broken heart.

So please think again before you reject that hottie on the Institute dancefloor; not only could you damage their confidence but also their health and potential athletic career.