Uni of Aberdeen branded ‘average’ by experts

What do they know

UK statistics website Which? published its third annual university survey a year ago, compiling the opinions of 12,500 undergraduate students.

Areas of the university experience like sports, politics and local nightlife were questioned.

And it let students express how happy or unhappy they were with what’s on offer, the results might shock you.


But fruitful graduate prospects and high overall satisfaction rates show that the mighty Aberdeen is the place to be.

Aberdeen University has already been ranked as 41st out of 119 by the Guardian in it’s British universities ranking table – Which? goes on to detail what, according to students, makes us Stand Free from the rest.


Aberdeen received a rating of 73% for the sporting activities it has to offer, falling just short of the high satisfaction category.

But with such a wide and varied range of both individual and team sports, ranging from archery to underwater hockey, its almost difficult to try and justify this result.

Daniel, a Music first-year and avid rower, was surprised by Aberdeen’s “average” ranking.

He says: “[Those who are unsatisfied] obviously haven’t properly experienced sport up in Aberdeen.”

He went on to praise the inclusivity and welcoming nature of teams: “Sport at Aberdeen caters from national level athletes to very beginners – they won’t fail to provide”.

Look at all the fun you're missing out on.

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Aberdeen scored a high 59% when it came to political involvement and interest.

We’re horrendously political in some circles despite being so far away from Westminster and Holyrood.

And a surprising number of graduates become politicians, Tessa Jowell and Alistair Darling among them.

But as nobody really bothers to vote in AUSA elections, the results were a surprise to many. Only 2110 student bothered to vote in our rector campaign.

The rest probably didn’t even know it was happening (despite a sea of campaign posters littering campus streets).


We need you (to actually vote)!


If you’ve ever been on a night out in Aberdeen, you’d strongly disagree with what is about to be said.

Aberdeen University’s “diverse local nightlife” only received a score of 63% satisfaction, according to Which?.

And that was the bottom end of average as well.

So, clearly 37% of the student population haven’t seen the inside of Skite Wednesdays or Carwash Tuesdays.

Clubbers of the week wouldn't work if we didn't have fun

Clubbers of the week wouldn’t work if we didn’t have fun

We’re renowned for its legendary stories after nights out.

So shouldn’t we be scoring easily within the top 5% tier of any survey?

From £6 bottles of wine at Siberia to 69p mixers at Paramount, the institutions scattered along Union Street cater to all tastes (and price points).

Surely most clubbers must be satisfied, as anyone will tell you the aftermath seen around town at 4AM after any big night bears a striking resemblance to Gaza.

After the dust settles?

Graduates from Aberdeen have frankly some of the best employment rates.

96% of those having completed an undergraduate degree are reported to be in further study or already have received jobs, so it pays to stick in here.

With the average starting salary coming in at £22.4K, those VIP guest lists pretty much paying for themselves.

So we’re not that average really.

Stand Free

We’re pretty good at what we do