In defence of the mighty man bun

The bro-knot only adds to your magnificent masculinity

Don’t want none unless you got buns hun.

Man-buns that is.

Buns of the hair kind.

As it is now well into the colder months, it is the time of the Mo and beards to reign. To compliment the majestic facial hair, long hair being tied back into what’s known as a ‘man bun’ or ‘bro-knot’ has become an increasingly popular trend that we want to get more people in on.


One of the more famous man-bunners

Some have argued that it is the worst male fashion trend in human history, and that it’s just for annoying idiots who shop in Urban Outfitters.

But there are a lot of people (mostly us girls) who adore the craze and we want you men to know about it.

The internet definition of ‘man bun’ is “a questionably sexy hairstyle in which a man with hair of the medium to long variety secures said hair into a firmly rounded bun”.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 23.10.08

We agree

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 09.53.00

This what my tumblr dashboard looks like ALL the time now

And there definitely is a difference between the magical man bun and the kind of weird looking ‘top-knot’. We want the man bun.

The bro-knot has become an internet and cultural sensation over the past few months with hundreds of dedicated blogs and twitter accounts.

There’s no main culprit who sparked the craze – David Beckham did it years ago and Bradley Cooper has been rocking it since May.

But recently Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal are the latest disciples to follow the trend and it just makes them even more pleasing to look at.

One of Aberdeen University’s finest man bunners was asked about this latest growing trend. To the claim that there’s hardly any man-bunning happening in Aberdeen he said:

“People obviously aren’t looking hard enough around, there’s always a few men with the man bun.

“In Aberdeen I have more attention when the locks are down.”


He says he uses the man bun as a “weapon to blend in with everyone else”.

“It’s the best way to show how manly you are wearing a beard and the long hair just compliments the manliness”.

Well, studies have shown that man-buns do increase the beardyness of a beard by 99 percent.

And to all those out there who think it’s a ridiculous trend, our man-bun friend just says “fair enough” to you – well, it’s not your hair is it.

More opinions were needed on the craze so we asked house-mates of our man bun friend what they thought. One female resident just made noises, which sounded like a mixture of pleasure and agreement – a yes on the man bun front then. Another said, “I think they’re cool, not really my style but if you can rock it then rock it”. Power to the man bun.


Having a friend or a boyfriend who rocks a man bun is also beneficial to us girls. It means there is always someone who will have a spare hair-tie, or someone who understands the pain of maintaining long hair.

It also has practical benefits for you men; it’s a great way to keep you hair out of your face and under control. It’s basically the perfect hairstyle for going to the gym or eating in windy weather – a common annoyance here in Aberdeen.

It’s not to say that our male companions without the man bun are any less unattractive – it’s not all about the looks.

But the bro-knotadds aBUNdantly to a man’s attractiveness. Fact.