Meston set for demolition for new research centre

The £100 Million energy centre will secure Aberdeen’s title of energy capital of Europe

Aberdeen University announced plans on Monday for their state of the art centre of excellence in research, innovation and teaching.

The purpose-built Energy Building will create a new learning environment and facilities.

Sadly after the construction of the new building the historic Meston building is destined to become rubble.

Bye bye Meston.

Bye bye Meston.

Research will be conducted into maximising economic recovery of existing fossil fuels, carbon capture and storage, renewable energy and energy economics.

The buildings mere £100 million price tag is the latest phase of the uni’s half a billion pound campus investment plan, in which we have already seen the completion of the new Library, the Suttie Centre and the Aquatics Centre.

Third Year Petroleum Geology student Niall said “I think its a fantastic idea as Aberdeen is at the forefront of research within the energy sector”

Industry body Oil and Gas UK has said they really like the idea. Calling it a “ambitious” project. It will be their main source of recruitment after all.

Aberdeen's booming oil industry doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Aberdeen’s booming oil industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Ian Diamond, Principal of the University, said:

“This building will provide world class facilities for our academics, students and industry partners, as well as a new home for the Aberdeen Institute of Energy; consolidating our position as a global energy university.”

Yay, go us.

And a fourth Year Geology student Craig said: “The university of Aberdeen’s Geology and petroleum geology department is one of the best in the world and it makes perfect sense to draw on the strengths of the academics at the university and utilise the pre-existing oil infrastructure the city had built over many years”

Hopefully the new building will be fire proof.

Hopefully the new building will be a little more fire proof.

Eva Nohe from Aberdeen University’s Shared Planet Society said:

“I think it’s great that there’s a move away from “Oil Capital” and towards “Energy Capital” but I’m worried that it’s largely rhetorical.

“The plans to maximise the extraction of existing fossil fuel reserves would mean that we are headed for at least 4 degree Celcius increase in global temperatures which would have fatal effects on hundreds of billions of people, especially in the global south but also here in Britain.”