New accommodation won’t be ready til 2016

And it’s in Powis…

Desperately needed flats for nearly 200 students have been given the green light – but they won’t be ready for two years. 

The development at Powis Place will create 196 much needed beds to battle the shortage in the city.

Just off Bedford Road, the construction is expected to be completed by August 2016.



The site at Powis Place is only one of many that will be built around the city.


Artistic representations of Aberdeen always make it look so lovely

This year saw a record number of housing shortages for students, with the University booking out countless hotel rooms and even converting TV rooms into communal bed rooms for homeless freshers.

Who wouldn't want to live in an derelict Victorian School house? Actually that' pretty cool.

Who wouldn’t want to live in an derelict Victorian School house? Actually that’s pretty cool

And the Unite Group is equally trying to tackled the shortage of beds in the city.

Unite has lodged plans with Aberdeen City Council to turn the former Causewayend School building at the Mounthooly roundabout into student flats.

The listed building once renovated, will be transformed into a home for approximately 400 students.

But Unite has admitted it won’t be ready until September 2016.

They said they will have to fork out three million in clean-up costs before the £20m development can take shape.

Causewayend School in Aberdeen closed in 2008 and has been empty ever since.

Despite freshers for the next few years having to face the same fiasco, rest assured it appears something is being done.

One homeless fresher, Ben, said: “It’s nice to see some plans being made to avoid shortages again in future year.”

And Tyrell, a maths student, said: “I just wish there could have been more to help people that had issues this years.”