Bradley raps at RGU after-party til S Club 7am

Aint no party like an S Club party


Washed up S Club 7 band member Bradley Mcintosh crashed a uni after-party last night – and was the last to leave.

The 33-year-old was doing a guest appearance with Tina from S Club in Underground, who quickly left for some shut-eye with her boyfriend.

But it was fourth-year Sophie Murray who caught his eye. She said: “I kind of got pushed into getting a photo with him and he went “what are you studying”.

“So I joked “what are you studying” and he was like “YOU right now”.

“It was so cringe haha.”

Bradley offered Sophie reunion tickets

The singer was gearing up for a wild one and asked Sophie and her friends what their plans were: “He asked us where we were going and got his rider and came with us.”

His “rider” was his list of demands from Underground (because, you know, he’s a celeb) – but there was nothing naughty on it. Sophie said: There was nothing wild, just booze: Vodka, Jack and cheap champagne.

“It was a drug free zone. He even made a point of saying “there better be no drugs, I don’t do that shit”.

“He was just there for a drink and a party I think. He even gave us his chicken pakora.

“But I dont know where it came from – it was disgusting.”

Over 100 people piled into Sophie’s flat to party with the ageing pop star, and they weren’t disappointed:

“He was actually hilarious. He was rapping about us all and singing – he was really good.

“It was ace! He’s got a good voice for an S Club member.”

“I wish I had a video of us all in my bedroom. There were four different people singing different bits of Blackstreet and he was rapping, it was like a boy band.

“And he even put on the acapella to blackstreet and did his own wee rap about my onesie – it was tame.

“But he didn’t like us filming. He kept snatching our phones, it felt very sketchy. Maybe Bradley is secret about his rapping – who knows!

“He’s not that clever, though – my friend was on Skype to her sister in Canada and he never noticed.”

And things failed to heat up even playing the student favourite “Never Have I Ever” drinking game:

“We thought it was funny to keep going: “Never have I ever drunk with a member of S Club 7”

“So we never even got to him.”

The ‘star’ says he’s friends with Beyonce

And it was a Dream Come True for the students who loved winding him up about the band:

“I was a huge fan second only to Steps. Last night I kept saying: “See when I was a fan – I was 6. Does that make you feel weird?”

“And I kept quoting this random behind the scenes documentary he was in to make him feel even odder.

“Again he was a total lad, kept going: “Yeah i know the one you’re on about, it was on BBC1″ blah blah blah.”

Quiet night in, mate?

Bradley eventually stumbled out of the girls’ flat at 7am to catch his flight at 8. And along the way uploaded an Instagram of him with Pudsey. Sophie said:

“It’s quite contrasting to his actual night, isn’t it.

“But really – he was totally sound. Some guy spilt vodka coke on my Mac and he was like: “You break it, you buy it”.”

And Bradley obviously thought Sophie was pretty sound herself. He was making some pretty big promises in a bid to Reach For The Stars:

“He told us he was friends with Beyonce, and I think we’ve been promised tickets for us and all our family to go to the reunion.

“But I would only party with him again if he brought Jo. She has the flow.”