Shag at AberdeenUnay

Michael Kusznir goes balls deep in Aberdeen’s online NSA sex scene so you don’t have to.


Shag at Uni – a treasure trove of hotties, or a pick and mix of not-ies?

There is a distinct lack of any real looking student boudoir beauties, with ages seemingly starting at the not so studenty mid to late twenties and rising and rising.

The variety of tits and teeth shots lures you into gawking at these people’s profiles, which vary from the genuine to prostitute; it can’t be said that the membership is not diverse in all forms. Want to send these connoisseurs of satin sheets a message? You can only do that if you pay to be a member…  We winked at a couple of hotties but no reply for The Tab Aberdeen.

Are any of you real? God please be real

“Are any of you real? God please be real”

For a site that sells itself based on sex there are lots of people whose profiles contain messages like, “Don’t just message me for a fuck” as the majority of users seem to long for something more long term than just discreet sex.

Check out Uni Shag if you are a bed head through and through but don’t want anything more scandalous than a dirtier

Tinder – swipe right for love please

Here at the Tab, we have delved into the deepest depths of tinder; we have looked straight into that vast right swiping abyss. A few of us have come back too.

It seems like every student and his dog (seriously) has jumped on the tinder band-wagon these days – and since it’s completely free who can blame them for giving it a go.

Admittedly, building a strong tinder roster becomes a bit more like a hobby than a dating app, so don’t be surprised if it slowly begins to take over your life; gotta’ catch em all style.

Girls dressing like guys have the least success…

Girls will definitely have more success than guys in this app, but don’t be disheartened men, just keep bravely swiping right and soon your time will come.

Craigslist could be a bit of a gamble – do you like danger and dick pics?

Craigslist Aberdeen’s Casual Encounters on the other hand is as dodgy as a conviction for public indecency.

It’s an altogether more direct experience (read creepier and probably best avoided experience) over at Craigslist: desperate men want sex with beautiful women (the younger the better) and desperate men want sucked off by beautiful men (the younger the better).

Grubby naked photos of men’s minute manhood leave you starry eyed– it certainly isn’t a site for those size queens out there. More importantly, neither is it one for safety.

You’d probably be safer looking for love at Aberdeen harbour than this site


This year, admittedly over in the good old U.S.A, the “Craigslist serial killer” was charged with murdering Troy LaFerrara after he responded to an add seeking “female companionship”.

Check out Craigslist Aberdeen’s Casual Encounters if you are so desperate a STD infected killer appeals.