Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Why is finding something to eat on campus so hard on the weekend?

How are we expected to get firsts when the University won’t feed us on the hang?!


Waking up from the blur of a night out, smelling distinctly of Southern Comfort, I crawled out of my then-bed in Crombie to struggle to the Hub – a daunting journey when hungover and eighteen.

I was greeted with a locked door –

Sundays: CLOSED’.

Coffee at Taylor Made? Nope – closed.

Slumped like a dead bumblebee back in my room, my mind raced through the other places on campus I could acquire a delicious, and necessary, post-night-out feast:

Kilau: closed.

JG Ross: closed.

Butchart: closed.

… and The Machar was then an untested haunt.

Saturdays are only marginally better, with Kilau opening alongside The Machar.

3 years later in my university education, I have discovered the necessity of sneaking snacks into the library from Tesco and that Grub not only has beautiful staff but tasty paninis.

Neither is this just a problem for those staying in uni accommodation but for those who choose to work in the library at weekends – you know it is dissertation time after all.

This wouldn’t be an issue if I studied at Glasgow University. Right in the heart of the vibrant West End it is a stone’s throw away from varied chain restaurants, coffee shops and the allure of Ashton Lane’s pubs.

A bustling Aston Lane

Glasgow also has a library which opens late and has two unions – stories of an imaginative fairytale if you study at Aberdeen where university management drove two student unions into the ground.

You need only look into the bins in the library to see the defeated attitude of students who understand they simply won’t manage to eat at the weekend.

Anarchy in action

The lack of available food sources on campus will not prevent students getting fed Saturday and Sunday (although it  may prevent us getting fed well), but until more shops are open the University of Aberdeen will continue to resemble some sort of redneck U.S. State where God proclaims everything must be closed on his day of rest.

Until then, it’s time to stock up on your tupperware.