What To Wear To The Ball

Saint Andrews is tomorrow night and here’s our guide to not looking like a complete prat.

Suits & Dresses, Tartan bow-ties & St. Moriz, Trews and Movember tashes. That’s pretty much a brief summary of what to expect at the St. Andrew’s Ball this year.

Last year, AU’s biggest social event of the year was an enormous success and everyone looked bloody marvelous. Girls turned into beautiful swans, and it turns out that boys actually scrub up rather well – even those who attempt a handle-bar moustache.

In order to smash it this year, here’s some helpful hints and tops on the key looks of the St. Andrew’s Ball.


Why stick to a plain dress shirt when you can have what looks like a comic strip printed on your sleeve? It doesn’t necessarily suit every individual, but it’ll definitely get you noticed – whether you want it to or not.



Girls, despite the fact that most will wear floor-length dresses, don’t be too shy to go for something shorter. What better way to show off those tanned pins than by getting them out with a gorgeous mini or midi dress?



Whether it’s a bow-tie or a scarf, how can you celebrate Scotland’s patron Saint without adding something tartan to your outfit? Obviously for girls it’s slightly trickier, however you could always wear tartan underwear – unless you’re wearing a white dress, in which case, don’t even think about it.



In this case, it stands for the Long Black Dress. Simple, classic and a sure-fire success. Enough said.


On a final note, make sure you have photographic evidence of what you started off the night looking like, because you definitely won’t look the same way by about 10pm.

Thank you to Robert Mcateer for allowing us to use his photos.