Tab Shags: Centre Stage

Due to our anonymous reporter being unable to find anyone able to comment on AUMLC, or find anything printable, today Tab shags are branching out into the opposite end of the society spectrum.

Today, CentreStage drama society is baring all to the University of Aberdeen, and it may surprise you what these girls had to say…

“Well, he was one of those mysterious types, artistic, so the build up was weeks of swapping lots of flirting and tactile rehearsing – it was intense to say the least. Then, when we finally had sex, we quickly realized we were both double jointed and it started to get a bit freaky, and seriously amazing. In the morning he even made me breakfast and explained that he wasn’t interested in having a girlfriend etc. It meant I left a great night of sex knowing exactly where I stood, and now we’re actually great friends.”

Well ladies, if you’re looking for a great night and a respectful morning-after maybe look no further than CentreStage. They don’t need a dress rehearsal to pull it off on opening night.

Next week: AUMHC