Remember Remember, Occupy.

Tab headed into Snafu last night to review the latest club night launch in Aberdeen; Occupy.

Remember, remember the 5th of November because it saw the first occupying of Snafu’s new Tuesday student night; Occupy. It’s good to see someone else up here who’s reaching out to those students who don’t just want £1 VKs and Rita Ora whine.


The club wasn’t packed to the rafters, to be honest far from it which is a sad reality here I feared would happen. But this was Occupy’s opening night and there are few opening nights that will be bursting at the seams – especially if you haven’t thrown in Spennie Matthews. But that couldn’t be farther from what this night seems to be about. Better to start how you mean to go on in terms of vibe and music policy than to sacrifice what you’re about for numbers through the door – people here weren’t looking for busy, they were looking for great music. In this way, Occupy certainly has the potential to attract more and more people each week if it stays true to its intention as a haven for unadulterated deep house music.


When everyone got warmed up – literally – it was all to the front. A walk to the bathroom or to the surface for a little air and nicotine showed no one was sitting down. So for those who can’t dance to Rita Ora (sorry Rita, I used you as an example again) apparently here, everyone wants to get up and move their feet. It seemed to be all about pulling together and enjoying the sounds and vibe that the masked DJs were sculpting. It really was quite refreshing for a Tuesday night and a good refreshing is what this city could always do with.

As the music faded and the lights went up, I found myself longing for more yet satisfied with what I had just been a part of. However, the music dropped again and apparently no one was quite ready to leave either – and the two masked DJ’s weren’t letting us. All hung back to absorb every last drop of music and atmosphere that could be squeezed out of the little dark dungeon and oh, how it was drained.


It certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but nothing is, however for me, it was a sweet sign of hope that all is not lost the minute you hear “weekday student night”. They do £1.60 rums for goodness sake, there’s a beacon of hope if ever there was one.

I only hope it’s a success. In a city that needs crusaders like the man behind the mask of Occupy to provide the music many actually want to listen to but also to reach out to those who haven’t quite found themselves there yet, I take my hat off regardless of the outcome. They are definitely reaching out to a niche market but it’s always a pleasure to be at a launch for something that should go on to become a fixture of Aberdeen nightlife.