Plummeting Bill Leaps Today!

ALL questions and ALL answers written exclusively by Olly Longworth.

Bill Monteith will be hurling his body off of a 175ft high crane today on King’s Pitches between 2.30 and 3.00pm. Tab finally gets around to releasing his much anticipated interview. Monteith talks candidly about his childhood on the mean streets of Rio, his thoughts before the jump and why he is thinking about releasing a naked photo of himself like his hero Spencer Matthews. Ok, not the last bit.

Tab: You gave me your word that you’d do this jump. Are you beginning to regret that?

BM: Of course not. I am Cantona. I am a Lion. And a Lion’s word is his bond. I am fearless. I am Monteith.

Tab: You’re known as a man that meticulously prepares for everything. How will you be approaching the morning tomorrow?

BM: The same way I prepare for anything. A dozen games of Fifa. Some Miles Kane youtube videos and by doing my hair. Probably take a few selfies as well. You know, for the fans. I’m just that kind of guy. Hashtag er – entity.

Tab: Have you got a message for anyone who doesn’t think that you have the minerals?

BM: Monteith by name. Monteith by nature.

' ...Monteith By Nature'

‘ …Monteith By Nature’

Tab: Care to expand on that Monty?

BM: ‘MBN MBN’ is a phrase that I repeat to myself before any major situation that is out of the ordinary. Nights out. Football matches. Valentines day. In moments of self-doubt like that I pull out my pocket mirror and look at my own reflection and remind myself of who I am before I remind the world.

Tab: Must be a latino thing.

BM: Yeah, definitely get that in the article. I don’t know if anyone doesn’t know this but I’m actually half Brazilian. I like to think that spiritually I am a bit of a favella kid. Sometimes I worry that I might have forgotten to mention that to someone somewhere. I mean just look at my tan! LOOK at it!!

The Pencils. The Headband. The Tan. The Monteith.

The Pencils. The Headband. The Tan.
The Monteith.

Tab: So exactly how are you planning to jump off the platform?

BM: Ha. It’s no secret. I will be jumping out, arms out-stretched and I will plummet down in the very image of calm control. If I decide to throw in a few tricks, maybe a few flips then I will.

Tab: Will –

BM: (Interrupting) IN FACT. I will go on the record here. Tomorrow I will be double front flipping. You heard it here first. I am an artist and a warrior and my fans deserve a performance.

One for the ladies.

Chipping with a Putter DUDE.

Tab: OK. If you’re sure. Well finally, will you be saying anything before you jump? And will you be buying a copy of the DVD?

BM: Hahahahaha. Will I be saying something? How could I know. I am an artist. A poet. What I say up there will be organic and spiritual. Maybe some wisdom. I don’t know. And the DVD? I’ve already put an advance order for the first ten. And yes don’t worry guys. I will be available for signings after the jump.


Bill will be jumping today (7th of November) between 2.30pm and 3pm for charity on King’s Pitches.

He will also be available for interview by the general public before and after the jump.