What A Fashion Graduate Did Next

Aberdeen Fashion Graduate tells The Tab about what’s next for her and what’s next for her fashion label.

There is a lot of talent that comes out of Aberdeen; seeps out her granite walls and into our hungry eyes. I caught up with one of the city’s 2013 Fashion Design graduates who’s B-lining for success. Ruby Coyne chats graduating, her new label and “working your butt off” exclusively for The Tab.

Tab: Let’s get straight to it shall we. Sum up Dreamland in 3 words.

RC: The new 80’s.

Tab: What is the dream?

RC: Dreamland Clothing is a brand new label launching next year, with a bit of a twist. Our predominant brand ‘Dreamland’ has evolved from my Graduate Collection ‘Cutting Shapes in the Shadows’ which was hugely influenced by the 1980’s music scene. And then we have our sister label, ‘Dreamland Vintage’. I guess the name says it all there.


Tab: How was finally graduating and putting an end to your long hard slog as a fashion student?

RC: It was ultimately the best feeling in the world. A lot of my course mates had this dreaded fear of the ‘real world’ but I just couldn’t bloody wait to get out there! I kind of lost my direction a little bit in the beginning but then I moved down to London and went on to Paris doing different internships that really kicked me back in to gear. I couldn’t help but think, if I am willing to work my socks off for these big dogs down here making no money and giving it all I had, why wasn’t I willing to do that for myself? So when I returned to Uni I had this whole new attitude and outlook, which I hold onto today. It’s all about working your butt off with the right attitude and a smile on your face.

Tab: You mentioned you interned in London and Paris. Did you feel you needed that perspective and experience of the industry right from the core?

RC: Absolutely. It really opened up my mind, and I do believe interning is the best thing for a fashion student in the early days of their studies. It just puts what you’re learning into a ‘real life’ perspective – it’s scary and crazy but so much fun!


Tab: Looking back then, do you think going down the academic route helped you get to where you are now?

RC: The bad guy in me is screaming ‘No way!’ but ultimately, yes it has. I have had some of the best experiences of my life at Art School and been given opportunities I couldn’t dream of. In turn, this has given me the courage to go out and grab hold of what I want, whom I want to work with and what kind of work I want to produce.

Tab: And finally, I hear whispers that you may have some exciting news for us regarding Dreamland. Can you share yet?

RC: Ok, you got us! I am very pleased to announce that Dreamland Vintage will be launching on ASOS Marketplace on November 28th 2013.


So you heard it here first! Dreamland Clothing coming soon to ASOS Marketplace but for now, follow Dreamland Clothing on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Dreamlandbrand) and Instagram (Dreamlandclothing)