Why there’s no need to “dress slutty” this Hallowe’en

Mean Girls may teach us that “Hallowe’en is the “one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it”, but that’s not the only way to dress sharp tonight.

As per usual, Mean Girls is right – Hallowe’en is the only night girls can look like total whores and it is perfectly acceptable.

However, there seems to be a huge decrease in the amount of sexy animals wandering the spooky streets in the past couple of years, which I’m sure is literally devastating to guys hoping to catch themselves a Slutty Badger this Halloween.

Impressive make-up seems to be popular now. Who knows why this could be? Personally I just like doing it to see if I can beat the girl in the YouTube Tutorial I’m watching. Being creepy and Hallowe’en-esque can be nailed with such looks as these but you can always add the “slut-factor” to your desired costume with what you wear:

Creepy skeleton

image (5)

You can retain an image of ‘hotness’ with a tight bodysuit, but facially you’re minging and scary yet rather talented.

The dead child/china doll look


You can wear a relatively short puffed out dress/skirt and knee length socks if you’re determined to look slutty but the hollowed out eyes, the rosy cheeks and blood covering your face and clothes might say differently.

Any Alice in Wonderland character


You don’t need to stick to the typical Disney look. You can make the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter look freaky as shit with weird make-up. Plus you look like you’ve made a serious effort.

The Chav


Don’t be fooled, pulling this look off is an artform.

The Pumpkin


Or any vegetable or fruit related costume; it’s just bloody great.

If all else fails though, just add some ears to a dress and you’re a mouse. Duh?