Aberdeen Maternity Hospital is Filthy

Inspectors found Aberdeen Maternity Hospital so unhygienic that they raised their concerns to the Scottish Government itself today.

Amongst the findings were blood-stained mattresses, bed rails and bed controls, scrubbing-up sinks covered in blood and even ‘contaminated’ incubators and cots.

The cleanliness inspectors (HEI – Healthcare Environment Inspectorate) first visited Aberdeen Maternity Hospital this August and were forced to schedule another inspection due to their substantial concerns.

After two more subsequent inspections HEI took their concerns to the Scottish government.

Susan Brimelow, the HEI chief Inspector, said: ‘I am very disappointed at the findings from our inspection to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital … Inspectors visited on three separate occasions, and on all the inspections the cleanliness of patient equipment and the environment were not satisfactory … Learn from this.’

NHS Grampian released a statement saying that every concern had been confronted with as a ‘matter of urgency’. The Chief Executive Richard Carey said: ‘It is vitally important that we learn and act.’ He went on to say that ‘The issue reflects the wider difficulties associated with maintaing infection control and other technical standards in ageing hospitals such as Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.’