Bouncer Logic: Stolen Phones

Tab’s undercover bouncer offers his advice on how to ensure that you leave the nightclub with all the belongings you went in with.

In Aberdeen every week since freshers, there are around 10 mobile phones stolen from every night club in Aberdeen. There is a gang of well drilled criminals helping themselves to your tech, and its bloody annoying. They are in and out of the club in 15 minutes with your bounty and its very difficult to catch them. Heres some handy hints to stop you becoming a statistic.

1. Put your bag in the cloakroom. Yes, it’s annoying to think you wont be able to take photos or tell all your friends where you are. Im sure however, all those who lost theirs would have loved to have done so.

2. Report any suspicious behaviour to bouncers or police. They will take you seriously.

3. If you’ve ignored point 1. Take care when you’re on the dancefloor or queuing at the bar. These are the places they’re taken from.

Stay vigilant,

The Bouncer