Club Profile #3: AUWHC

The Tab asked the Women’s Hockey Club to write a Club Review of themselves. This is what they came up with…

Jolly hockey sticks, Aberdeen University Women’s Hockey Club is a fantastic club, so fantastic that a certain BNOC of the Lacrosse-titutes has come to her senses and is straying onto our greener pastures. Our 1st XI is currently battling away in the top Bucs league, while our other teams have come in the top halves of their leagues last year. Like bees to the honey pot we attract a wide range of players, the leggy blondes who all do Law, the edgy beans who are here for the socials, and the oddballs who don’t fit in anywhere else.

Here are some of our finest.

Rachael Cave. President.

Rachael is the captain of our ship. This pocket battleship is the keenest of beans when it comes to hockey. From coaching in Australia to hounding the committee on attendance at training sessions, this President’s heart is in the right place. Like another – misquoted – President, she doesn’t ask what hockey can do for her, but what she can do for hockey. Making her the most called upon umpire, badge or no badge, and leading the fresh-meat through their booze filled initiation, sorry, welcome night. This President puts the club before herself: constant emailing, showing face at socials and practically sacrificing her education all in the name of AUWHC.

It says Slut Wanted.

She wants a Hockey Slut

Laura Simpson. 1st XI Captain.

Is she real, or a figment of our imagination? Every girl wants to be her; every boy wants to be with her. Simps – our infamous rebel without a cause – is the epitome of what a hockey girl should be; plays for the 1st XI, parties every night and still makes that 10am lecture. She presents an air of “gives a shit” with a tinge of the elusive, but when it counts she’ll be there. A skilled player and loyal friend, Simps is a bottom-diamond in the rough (hockey pun intended), a loveable mess. From the edgy outfits she can be seen in on a daily basis to “The Bull” nose-ring she currently rocks, this Captain can pull off anything and everything.

Headband? Hedonist!

Headband? Hedonist!