The Art Gallery

Parents coming up? We know just the place to take them to pretend you’re cultured. And shit.

So freshers: you’ve sipped on your first VKs, disgraced yourself in clubs and skipped those all-important introductory lectures. Soon you will start to wonder, what the on earth is there to do in Aberdeen. One of the city’s wee gems is the art gallery. Handily located at the top of Schoolhill (freshers, it’s opposite Jack Wills), the gallery is an interesting, fun and free way to spend your afternoons.

You may be surprised to learn that it is home to some of the most important pieces in the Scottish art world, with work ranging from the early 15th century through to the modern day. Three of my favourite pieces come from Glaswegian artists.

Some of you art buffs may have been aware of the Glasgow boy movements of the early 19th century, pioneering modern techniques in the heart of Scotland. James Guthrie was part of the infamous crew. His 1883 “To Pasture’s New” is located on the 1st floor and is a prime example of Scottish realism.

Alison Watt’s “Rivière” is displayed on the ground floor of the gallery. Not only is her work fantastic, but she has been recognised as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), was awarded the seventh artist residency at London’s National gallery and sells her paintings from £20,000 upwards.

Also worth a look is work of modern sculptor of Nathan Colley. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by his simplistic “There Will Be No Miracles Here” signage. Colley is an iconic Scottish artist who work exhibited in Australia, Germany, Canada and Orkney. How very cosmopolitan.

Simplistic and striking.  Although not all that inspirational.

Simplistic and striking.
Although perhaps not all that inspirational.

Finally, on your way out feel free to stop by the gift shop to pick up a post card for your granny. Trust me, she will LOVE IT. If you don’t come back culturally enriched at least you will have a few pics to make you look edgy on instagram.