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Tab’s fashion editor runs her eye over the impact of summer trends on Aberdeen student fashion.

This Summer Vacay seems to have changed people’s personal styles somewhat, and traveling seems to be the main reason behind that. Whether it be to Thailand, the USA, London or even the odd festival, it’s evident that some interesting pieces have snuck back home in people’s backpacks and suitcases.

Take Thailand for example, what better way to brighten up this Granite City than by wearing  a fluorescent yellow tank top advertising Chang beer to lectures. Obviously it looks far better on beach in Koh Tao but if there’s a Full Moon Party in Liquid then we’re absolutely sorted. Not only this, but crazy coloured and patterned swimwear is also now a key addition to the student wardrobe.

Three to Ten Thousand miles away in l’Amerique, another trend was definitely being set. If people thought that only Tupac could pull off do-rags then they were absolutely wrong. Bandanas seem to be a massive hit across the pond and they’ve been brought back to United Kingdom en masse. Not everyone can pull it off, but having said that it looks a lot better than a headband with ears. But you can’t complete the State-side look without a bit of tiedye. Whether it’s DIY or bought on missguided.com it’ll for sure bring a smile to people’s faces with all those AU camp fires that we have.

Although, it’s not just distant and exotic lands that have influenced people’s wardrobes.  The Sir Duncan Rice Library is for sure going to be a far dressier place with all the Camel coats and fur scarves in the coming weeks. Either that or there could be a Shoreditch influence with an abundance of white-wash jeans, Air Max 90s and brightly coloured beanies. Who doesn’t love the 90s?

Only time will tell if these trend-setters will stick to their guns or if tiedye sweatshirts will be replaced by Campus hoodies in no time.