Toure Brothers incite mini-riot outside Garage

The Tab reports on this topless phenomenon… About two weeks too late.

The two Toure brothers would no doubt be feeling extremely privileged if they knew that they were the recipients of a one hundred man, five minute, impromptu chant in the early hours of the 25th of September. The famous never-ending Toure chant, a staple of any self-respecting football lads singing repertoire was deployed with devastating effect outside Garage nightclub.

Policemen were seen pushing themselves between the excited – and topless – masculine crowd telling whoever was laughing at them the least that they were ‘trying to be reasonable’. This reporter would like to give that a policeman a tip of the cap. It’s not often you see someone utter a statement as ridiculously ballsy as that without a single blush and I admire his audacity.

Although even the wittiest of jokes are rendered monotonous if they are looped over and over it is good to see  Aberdeen night life for what it truly is. Enthusiastic, boisterous and (for no obvious reason at all) only partially clothed.

The Aberdeen Tab spent a long time trying to track down a video file for this story and failed. So you’ll have to go and do it yourself. This is the reason for this article only going up so long after the event. That combined with this reporters inherent laziness.


My apologies.