Gavrillo Reviewed

Tab’s anonymous club reviewer infiltrates and rates Gavrillo Thursdays.

Aberdeen Gavrillo Tab

Hums of ‘Gavrillo’ and ‘Forum’ had been flying around all fresher’s week, no fresher really knowing what those two words truly meant but by 2:01am on their third birthday, after many a drink and much cake, there was no more confusion or mystery. The dirt had been spilled.

An Art Deco cinema house of times past has left behind much of its original features making this a gem like no other Aberdeen has on offer. Walk in and you’re met by an imposing staircase (a few potted plants – don’t ask me) and the delights of a large high-ceilinged room of no booths, no platforms; just the silhouette of a DJ poised on a theatrical stage (a stage which has donned the likes of Radio One’s B. Traits and Third Party) throwing more fresh mixes at you than your delicate lugs can handle. Not to mention all the opportunistic and danceable floor space your inner child could desire. Team all that with two well stocked bars just desperate to get their £1.50 delights past your lips and you’ll be glad you came.


It has to be said, however, that the queues at said bars do get BIG. I have found myself on more than one occasion mumbling profanities at the situation before me (forgive me God, for I have sinned). But you’ve gotta’ take the good with the bad and comfort can be found in that actually, you don’t need to be intoxicated to enjoy where you are. Just listen to the music, get back into the crowd and hold off on the drink for now. You’re missing half the fun at the bar anyway.

Be prepared to get SWEATY though. You can take refuge in the balcony but one look at the equally sweaty bugger next to you and you’ll realise everyone is on the same train and lapping it up like a kid at Christmas.


So Gavrillo is a little rough around the edges. It doesn’t promise fine cocktails – in fact, vodka and beer in plastic cups is more accurate –nor does it promise you’ll be lounging in top of the range interiors but what it does promise is a bunch of people ready to embrace a bassy sound system, some good vibes and dance their cotton’s off.

One thing I have noticed; it’s the only night in Aberdeen that I know attracts fresher’s right through to fourth years and beyond, week in week out. It must be something in the water. I recommend a taste.